JLB Standouts

"I benefited from camp and training in so many ways as a young player. I really developed an understanding for the importance of footwork and ball handling." 
-Isaiah Stewart (Detroit Pistons-NBA All Rookie Team 2021)

"Training with Jack always helped me push my game to another level. His attention to detail allowed me to attack my weaknesses and opened my mind to the type of work it takes to get to the highest level."
Anthony Lamb (Houston Rockets-NBA)

Recent Jack Leasure Basketball Standouts

Isaiah Stewart: 2017 AGR 1st Team, 2019 National HS POY, 2020-21 Detroit Pistons NBA
Anthony Lamb: 3 time AGR, Conference POY x3 (Vermont), 2020-21 Houston Rockets NBA
Dontay Caruthers: AGR 1st team, University of Buffalo, 2020-2021 NBA G-League 
Anthony Iglesia: 2018 AA Section V Tourney MVP, 1st team AGR, University of Washington
Makaila Wilson: 3 time AGR 1st Team, Lafayette University
Jeenathan Williams: 2 time AGR, University of Buffalo
Michael Green: University of South Carolina
Matt Keenan: AGR 1st team, St. Rose University
Isaiah Lewis: AGR 1st team, Roberts Wesleyan University
Jay Sarkis: AGR 1st team, Daemen College
Deion Hamilton: AGR 1st team, Daeman College
Brendan Wind: AGR 1st team, Nazareth College
Jake Fenlon: AGR 1st team, University of Chicago (school record for career 3pt FG)
Cameron Graupman: St Rose University
Bri Moxley: 2019 1st team AGR, Queens College
Kobe Long: 2019, 2020 AGR 1st team, Corning CC
Katie Bischoping: 2020 AGR 1st Team, St. Thomas Aquinas University
Jermaine Taggart: 2019, 2020 AGR 1st Team, St. Bonaventure University, St. Rose
Jacob Shadders: 2021 AGR Player of the Year, Charleston Southern University
Lexi Green: 2021 AGR Girls Player of the Year, Cornell University
Keith Warren: 2021 AGR 1st Team, Monroe JC (New York, New York)
Miles Monchecourt: Bishop Kearney, Ave Maria University

                                                                                                                                    -Makaila Wilson (Penfield - Lafayette )

"Working with Coach Leasure has opened my eyes up for the game of basketball. Training with Coach is fun, but intense. His fundamental approach to training has prepared me to be confident in my skillset."              -Anthony Iglesia (University of Washington)

"Coach Leasure is known as a great basketball player, however, he is an even better teacher of the game. He does an outstanding job communicating the fundamentals of the game and important skill work that translates to on the floor success."                                                                      -Jim Davern (Canandaigua Academy Varsity Boys Head Coach)

"For me going to camp helped me find my love for the game and a passion to help the younger generation understand the commitment and hard work it takes to become a great player. It helped me elevate my game to the next level." 
            -Jermaine Taggart (St. Rose University)

"Working with Jack Leasure gave me the skills and confidence to compete at the D1 level. I was able to challenge myself to do drills that made me uncomfortable. Once I got to college, any drill thrown at me, I was able to tackle with confidence. Jacks creativity and enthusiasm in workouts showed his focus on bettering my game specifically. I'm extremely glad I worked with Jack, it definitely helped develop all aspects of my game." 
            -Katie Healy, (St Bonaventure 2016, ALL Atlantic-10)

"My daughter Annie is the leading scorer on her Varsity team and has thoroughly enjoyed working with Jack. The One-on-One instruction has had a profound positive impact on her overall game. More importantly Jack's love and knowledge of the game are surpassed only by his kindness and outstanding character. He is a great role model for kids."

"He (Jack Leasure) is the hardest working player I have ever coached."
    -Cliff Ellis (1999 National Coach of the Year (Auburn); 2010 Big South Coach of the Year (Coastal Carolina)

"We’ll never forget the first time Justin worked with Jack, he had sweat pouring down his face and he looked as if he ran 5 miles but with a big smile on his face he turned to us and said, “Can I train with Jack again?”  Well, that was the beginning of the best investment we have ever made!  With HARD WORK, correction, and repetition he has taken his play to another level and he is gaining the confidence he needs and he has learned lifelong lessons that will serve him well in all aspects of his life.  Justin is looking forward to the July Shooting & Skills Camp."

"He(Jack Leasure) is one of the smartest players I have ever played with or coached"
       - Buzz Peterson (UNC National Champion 1982, Head Coach Tennessee, App. State, Coastal Carolina, UNC-Wilmington, Asst. GM Charlotte Hornets)

"Jack Leasure's committment to continual hard work and attention to detail is at the core of every one of his training sessions. I've had the pleasure watching him in action up close as he's worked with my son Jack over the past two years and as he's helped train my 7th grade travel basketball team this past season.
He has a unique ability to break down and teach both the basic and advanced skills that all players need to master to become great. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious and his ability to really connect as he teaches is undeniable ! Jack has not only been an integral part of my son's development as a young basketball player but, he's become a mentor that is helping shape his character as a young man."
"The Shooting and Skills Camp was an excellent opportunity for my son to learn from a current pro player! He will definitely return for camp next year."
"It was amazing to see the improvement in my son’s game after working with Jack Leasure. There was rapid improvement in his shooting, ball handling, and footwork skills. Jack’s training and skill development gave my son a sense of confidence which greatly assisted him in being successful at his school tryouts.
My son considers it a privilege to work out with Jack. The sessions are tough and demanding, but he can’t wait to get back to the gym."    

"Jack Leasure Basketball camps are a hidden treasure for developing players. It's amazing how he can bring out the best in kids."

"Training with Jack Leasure has been extremely beneficial. Training with him has helped me improve my weaknesses and further develop my strength. Jack has an incredible knowledge of the game which allows him to identify a mistake I make and know how to correct it right away. When I miss a shot he tells me why and I'm able to make a correction and hit a lot of shots in a row. Jack emphasizes the little things that are so important when you play such as staying low and in a good stance and pounding every dribble. The drills are extremely beneficial. I am able to take the skills I develop in the drills into games. I have seen a big improvement in my game in the couple months I have been training with Jack and I look forward to further improvement that I know will come with training with him."