Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Embrace the Abnormal" New Skills Video:

WALK-INS Welcome!!!
Knock Down Sessions are devoted solely to learning the everyday habits of Knock Down Shooters. For our 3 day program, each player will be challenged to make 1000 shots!!! 1 hour of form and balance drills, 1 hour of game shots and 1 hour of Repetition, Free Throws and Timed Drills. Come ready to work!!! All players record their made shots daily. This will be a challenging 3 days.
Session 1: July 5-7, 9am-12pm
Session 2: July 26-28, 9am-12pm
$150 per session ($275 for BOTH Sessions)
Boys and Girls 10-18, Walk-ins Welcome!
Located at McQuaid High School, Rochester, NY


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